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he Code to Success

Be the Star of Your Own Movie

You only get one take… 

Why not make it your best shot!

Do you feel like:

  • Excuses, limitations and fears are holding you back from achieving your business goals?

  • You’re hiding, procrastinating, and playing small because you’re in your own way?

  • You don’t earn what you're worth, you don’t like asking for money and you doubt your value?

  • Something is blocking you from becoming the successful entrepreneur you were born to be?

I know what it’s like to hide, play small, and earn less than what I was worth. I know what it’s like to feel the fear and anxiety of rejection and failure. I know what it’s like to stay behind the scenes and accept that playing it safe is the better choice – for now.


You see, I spent most of my entertainment career hiding and not earning what I was worth. As a young child I wanted to be a performer but I didn’t have the tools to succeed. I didn't know how to handle judgement, rejection, and feeling objectified.


I felt safe staying behind the scenes. I was much more comfortable standing in the wings rather than being center stage. As a result, I became a director and an acting teacher. 


Because of my own experiences, it became important to me to teach others how to be resilient. It took a tragedy to wake me up and help me understand that I could be the director of my own life. I just had never been given the tools to know how to write my own script and be the star of my own movie.


Most people feel disappointed that they aren’t being more bold, courageous and successful. Does that sound like you? If it does, I’ll let you in on a little secret…


What most people don’t realize is that it isn’t procrastination, perfectionism, or poor business planning that is holding them back. It’s their deeply rooted subconscious coding that is keeping them stuck in a program of self-criticism, low self-worth and SAMENESS

Here’s the good news: 
You can change the program!

  • What if you could create a new subconscious code and upgrade your opinion of yourself?

  • What if you could become a successful entrepreneur that shows up authentically bold and visible?

  • What if you could feel more confident, more resilient and unstoppable in your business and life? 

And the best part? 


You don't have to feel like a fraud when

you step outside your comfort zone.


Change is complicated and uncomfortable

but it's necessary for success.

But how does this change happen?

It all happens here in my new step-by-step program:





An online group coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to breakthrough their inner a bigger game and grow a more confident self-image

as a highly successful business owner.


Here’s what’s going to happen.

You’re going to: 

  • Build a confident self-image by identifying your inner critic and re-writing your inner dialogue.

  • Align with your true value and let go of the old system that is holding you back and keeping you stuck in sameness.

  • Take your foot off the procrastination brake and say goodbye to perfectionism.

  • Master your mindset so that you speak your business with confidence and authenticity.

  • Create your new future as a powerful, confident, successful entrepreneur who is bold, courageous and unstoppable.

When you make a decision to change…when you say YES to stepping outside your comfort zone…when you become the Director and call 'Action' on the set of your own movie…you will discover parts of yourself that will surprise you, amaze you, and light a fire inside of you that you didn’t even know existed!


Your new Success Code will inspire you to be unstoppable in your business and life! 


Sherri Holzer

Health and Wellness Coach,

I Am Simply Sherri

She gets results. She helps people grow confident, build wealth, and achieve lifetime dreams. Working with Barbara is a GAME CHANGER!

Jamie Gordon 
Artist and Entrepreneur

I have done two of Barbara's programs, The Code to Success and Your Genius Code Unlocked. I find it a gift to work with Barbara, her programs are packed with excellent content, so much so that you could work on the concepts for months or years after completing her program. The really important thing to note is that if you commit to doing this work you will be rising to new levels of accomplishment and success! So, if you are ready for change then work with Barbara!

Fashionably Wealthy ™ Rich in Style

First I want to thank you for creating and including me in your very first Code to Success Program. I joined the program thinking that I had so much already under my belt that whatever I gained would be a benefit, never thinking it would be a gateway to a total Renaissance. Which is truly what happened for me, looking at myself through an entirely new lens enabled a transformation that I could not have predicted. It was epic!

In this 12-week online group
coaching program, you will discover...

How to:

  • Gain clarity around purpose, vision, goals and your big WHY

  • Work with the superpower behind all your results and impact your business growth

  • Implement exercises and tools to create more boldness, visibility and resilience in your life

  • Act as the successful CEO of your own business and strategize for success

  • Confidently speak your business and attract the ideal audience that needs your services

  • Step outside your comfort zone and courageously take center stage

  • Create a successful business as you breakup with old codes of SAMENESS

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels
Comedian on Stage

In this program you will get access to:

12 X online group coaching sessions for 1.5 hours weekly

Access to online training videos

Handouts, exercises and informational articles

Lifetime access to the program online resources and replays

Private FB group with a like-minded and supportive community

Your Life is not a Dress Rehearsal! 

It's time to take Center Stage

and be the Star of Your Own Movie!

Let's raise the curtain:






Purpose, Vision, and Goals 


The Importance of Goal Setting


Belief Busting


The Image in Your Mind


Who Are You Being?


Design your Messy


Thoughts Become Things


A New


Direct Your Future


Living From Your Dream


Practice Makes Perfect


Your Standing Ovation

Marble Surface


Session One: Purpose, Vision, and Goals

When you have clarity about your purpose and better understand your WHY, you’ll design a purpose-driven business that comes from a place deeply connected to a bigger version of you. As you gain more clarity, you’ll have more certainty, more confidence and more resilience to keep your aim in the direction of your dreams. 

In this session:

  • You’ll deepen your understanding of what drives you and how to focus your desires

  • Setting a worthy goal to helps you become unstoppable

  • You’ll identify core values and how to use feelings as an emotional guidance system

  • You’ll start to re-wire your brain and develop new neural pathways

Session Two: The Importance of Goal Setting

People who don’t have a goal, or a direction that focuses them on a destination, are usually lost. When you understand the significance of playing a bigger game that takes you outside your comfort zone, you’ll discover the parts of yourself along the way that will help you meet with success. 


 We’ll cover:

  • Setting a worthy goal to help you become unstoppable

  • An exercise that takes you from what you don’t want to what you do want

  • How the brain is wired to stop you from success and how to get smarter than your brain

Session Three: Belief Busting 

To align with your true self, your true worth, and your superpowers, it takes self-awareness and a decision to do things differently. If you don’t identify the patterns of SAMENESS, you won’t identify the beliefs that are deeply rooted in subconscious codes holding you back from greatness.


 We’re going to:

  • Do a deeper dive into limited beliefs and how to focus on positive outcomes

  • Identify the inner critic and eliminate the saboteurs that keep you playing small

  • Understand how automatic negative thinking keeps you in yo-yo results

Session Four: The Image in Your Mind

The biggest power you have is to choose. When you create your dreams, it all starts with fantasy. Learn how to choose the images in your mind so that you can powerfully turn your fantasies into realities, play a bigger game, and shoot for the stars. Every picture tells a story.


 You’ll design:

  • Your vision and set a spark inside of you through the creative process of controlled imagination 

  • A future self-image that supports your talents, your gifts, and your contribution to the world

  • A one-of-a-kind customized personal affirmation tailored specifically to your purpose

Session Five: Who Are You Being?
– Habits & Behavior = Personal Reality = Your Personality

You are a compilation of your habits. These habits create your personal reality = your personality. When you look at your results and you are not producing the positive outcomes you want in your life, it’s usually because of who you are being on a daily basis. Change your habits…change your results.


 In this session:

  • You’ll learn more about time management and what it really is

  • Create a system to support more productive habits and stop leaking energy

  • You’ll gain tools to focus your energy and make decisions quickly

Session Six: Design your Messy

When you design your messy, you are setting yourself up for success. Highly successful people seek failure. We learn more from our mistakes than from being perfect. The truth is that perfect never gets done. Something is good until it’s improved.


 We’re going to:

  • Strategize for success and identify the subconscious patterns holding you back

  • Get out of the way by taking imperfect action and feel supported to play a bigger game

  • Teach the old self that you are ready to produce a new personal reality

Session Seven: Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts become things is another way of saying that you become what you think about all day long. It takes conscious deliberate effort to change. Change is complicated but it is our one and only constant in life. If you are not the director of your own movie, life is continually giving you whatever you are focused on, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. When you become aware of how your thoughts are creating your reality, you’ll learn to write your own script, and run the show.


 You’ll experience:

  • The benefits of meditation, visualization and motor-imaging to create a new reality

  • Breathing techniques to connect your heart and brain to help you develop coherence

  • A visualization journey to evolve the sub-parts that are keeping you stuck in sameness

Session Eight: A New Self-Image

To create a new self-image that is confident, boldly visible, and highly successful, it takes breaking up with the old parts of you that are no longer in alignment with the bigger version of yourself.  When you identify what isn’t working, you can focus more on what is working and meet the parts of you that will surprise and amaze you – parts that you never knew existed.


 Its time to:

  • Identify the character traits, habits, & beliefs of a highly confident person

  • Shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions to produce highly successful results

  • Uncover who you get to be on a daily basis as you create a thriving business

Session Nine: Direct Your Future

As you step into your courage and acknowledge your willingness to change, you will cross barriers of self-imposed limitations and be the director of your life.  When you know your vision, write it down, act as if and commit to controlled imagination, you’ll activate a new level of desire and aliveness. You’ll experience a new outer reality by being the star of your own movie.


 You’ll create:

  • A new life script with supporting characters, a clearly defined plot line and desired outcome

  • A story that helps you to be, do, and have the feelings of your wish fulfilled

  • Your final scene and the winning moment that catapults you to new levels of success

Session Ten: Living From Your Dream

When you live from your dream and experience the feelings of your wish fulfilled, you’ll change the circuitry in your brain. Through repetition of a new idea, your brain will develop new neural pathways to support who you are becoming. It takes consistent, persistent commitment to embark on a journey to greatness. It’s the start that stops most people. You have to start.


 We’ll cover:

  • How to build your highly confident character through the actor’s technique

  • The importance of alter ego: decorum, values, and behaviors of an evolved you

  • The four steps to conscious learning and the importance of practicing your confidence code 

Session Eleven: Practice Makes Perfect

Repetition is the key to learning. Confidence can be learned. It takes practice, practice, practice and taking a risk to try something new…to do things differently…to be resilient and okay with imperfection. All good actors create believable characters by growing their belief through rehearsal. You can be, do, and have the reality you believe you can have. Believe and belief will create the fact.


You’ll step into: 

  • Practicing the star role of your own movie

  • The feeling of having your wish fulfilled

  • The spotlight as you take center stage

Session Twelve: Your Standing Ovation

When you have clarity of purpose and commit to serving your audience through your gifts, talents, and skills - that is when others are inspired and motivated to join you, to trust you, and benefit from all you have to offer. If you want to make an impact...if you want to succeed...if you want to thrive in business and life...people have to know you're there...people have to know you exist...people have to value what you have to takes confidence in yourself to make it happen. It's time to shine!


You’ll create:

  • A code to success reporting

  • A final performance

  • A new confident self-image

Let's recap what you'll get:

In this program you will get access to:


  1. 12 X online group coaching sessions for 1.5 hours weekly

  2. Access to online training videos

  3. Handouts, exercises and informational articles

  4. Lifetime access to the program online resources and replays

  5. Private FB group with a like-minded and supportive community


Roni Keller

Writer and Producer

With Barbara's coaching, I have increased business, productivity and creativity. My clients are happy and increasing in numbers, my business is taking new leaps into higher strata, and productivity and fulfillment are at an all time high. And I have watched her help other clients too build business, increase income and launch new projects and endeavors. Great results, great leaps in all areas of life. A total pro.

It's time to say YES to your dreams! 


It's time to say YES to you! 

It's time to direct your life

and star in your own movie!

Please join me for a creative journey

to step into your unique, authentic, confident self

and say YES to change. 


If you're ready to breakup with SAMENESS

and be the entrepreneur you were born to be,

now is the time. 


The biggest power you have in life is to choose. 

It's time to choose YOU!

And the time is NOW!



If you are interested in joining,

please email me at

If you would like a 15 mins session to see if this is a right fit for you, please schedule some time:

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