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"We become what we think about."
Earl Nightingale

Learn to take your deepest desires and make them a reality by developing the faculties of your mind. Watch the gap close between you and your results.  Say goodbye to procrastination and self-sabotage, say hello to success!  Learn to win and expect it.  Say "Yes" to "Thinking into Results" .
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Thinking into Results 

"Thinking into Results" is tailored to meet your personal growth or business success objectives. Learn how to set and achieve goals that will sustain lasting business growth. In just a matter of weeks, you will begin to see dramatic changes in your results and how you think. 


If you would like to learn more about "Thinking into Results" Program for Leaders" please contact me and we'll schedule a complimentary discovery session. As a certified facilitator with Proctor/Gallagher Institute, I intend to empower you to create the success you want to see in your life.

The time is now.

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  The Benefits:

  • You will draw the best out of yourself and your people, your biggest untapped resource

  • You will understand the difference between what you know and what you do – just knowing something doesn’t get results

  • You will learn how to use the power of your mind to get what you want

  • You will enjoy higher revenues and profits

  • You will learn how to improve results with less effort and in a shorter period of time


"Working with Barbara allowed me to grow into a leading expert in my field of Gerontology and Geriatric Care Management.  My business has grown by leaps and bounds. I am presenting at State and National Conferences, presenting on The Nightly News and The Today Show, and am a Board of Advisor to KCET-Your Turn to Care–the list is plentiful. I have been able to get out of my own way and allow my purpose to take the front seat with Barbara’s thought provoking direction as my navigator."

-Mary Winners
About Senior Solutions


Executive Development/Mindful Management/
Sales & Management Motivation/CorporateCulture/
Team Building/Presentation Skills

Combining over 59 years of research in the personal and professional development industry and over 20 years in corporate and merger acquisition law, Bob Proctor and Sandra Gallagher team up to create the most powerful transformational program of its kind. 

Thinking Into Results is an extremely effective program for individuals who are truly interested in personal and progressive growth. Likewise, it provides leaders the very best information available on how to draw the most out of their people, the leader's biggest untapped resource. It teaches leaders and teams how to close the gap between knowing and doing and in the process create more meaningful and purpose-driven lives as they dramatically improve results, organizational culture and customer loyalty.

Thinking Into Results is an extraordinary program that presents twelve logical, straightforward and practical lessons that ensure a thriving, success-driven culture that translates into an exceptional return on investment for any leader.


Lesson 1

A Worthy Ideal

Lesson 2

The Knowing-Doing Gap

Lesson 3

Your Infinite Mind

Lesson 4

The Secret Genie

Lesson 5

Thinking Into Results

Lesson 6

Environment is

But Our

Looking Glass

Lesson 7

Trample the Terror Barrier

Lesson 8

The Power of Praxis

Lesson 9

The Magic Word

Lesson 10

The Most Valuable Person

Lesson 11

Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase

Lesson 12


the Mind



Lesson 1: A Worthy Ideal
Business Principle: Goal Setting & Achieving

Benefits: In this lesson you will learn how to set and achieve goals that promote quantum leaps to grow your business and achieve your worthy ideals.

Lesson 2: Knowing/Doing Gap
Business Principle: Knowing isn’t Enough

Benefits: Understand how individual paradigms keep you from acting on what you know. Learn to close the gap between what you know and what you actually do. 

Lesson 3: Your Infinite Mind
Business Principle: Efficient Action

Benefits: You will turn your non-productive habits into productive habits to become more efficient - this understanding leads to an increase in the bottom line and overall results.

Lesson 4: The Secret Genie
Business Principle: The Function of the Mind

Benefits: This lesson teaches about how the mind works and focuses on breaking through limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that are in the way of progress.

Lesson 5: Thinking Into Results
Business Principle: Innovation
& productive thinking

Benefits: Once you realize that your current results are from previous thinking and you can change your thinking, you will become more confident and a better problem solver. 

Lesson 6: Environment is but Our Looking Glass
Business Principle: Creating a Confident

Benefits: When you improve your self-image, your results will automatically change.  It takes repetition and conscious deliberate effort to become a powerful, confident leader.

Lesson 7: Trample the Terror Barrier
Business Principle: Overcoming barriers
to success

Benefits In this lesson you will learn that fear equals growth. Having knowledge, faith, and understanding is the key to success.  Trample the terror barrier and achieve success.

Lesson 8: The Power of Praxis
Business Principle: Aligning Belief
with Behavior

Benefits: There is a big connection between beliefs and behavior. Learn to eliminate double-binding messages and be congruent with the results you want. 

Lesson 9: The Magic Word - The Magic of Attitude
Business Principle: The Principle of Attitude

Benefits: You will have a deeper understanding of the word “attitude” and how it affects your overall results in business and in life. This lesson explains what it is and how to change it.

Lesson 10: The Most Valuable Person
Business Principle: Effective Leadership

Benefits: When you understand that you are both a leader and a follower, competition becomes cooperation and people will want to follow you: your vision, plan and/or dream.

Lesson 11: Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase
Business Principle: Profit through service

Benefits: This lesson promotes a high standard of performance where people are encouraged to do more and give more than expected. The impact is powerful.

Lesson 12: Magnifying the Mind
Business Principle: Problem Solving

Benefits: This program lays out the steps for a quantum leap, leading to dramatic results in performance based on cooperation, inspiration from others and focused intention.

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